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It’s Been So Long: How I’m Getting Back into the Swing of Things

By , September 6, 2016

It’s been too long for comfort. But, I really had to come back here. Every time I try to return to myself, several actions pop up. The need to write, to do art, and to build something (LEGOs).

This has been a long, hard year, and a good year, and a scary year. With the passing of my mother in January, the stage was set for great unrest and discontent. My family and I have weathered things well, I think. I miss my mom. I love my life. And, I’m grateful for my toys.

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Take your Time, Make your Point

By , May 6, 2010

Remember Spelling tests when you had to know how to spell the word and what it meant? Way back when I was just learning to read and understand words, my mother would quiz me on my weekly list.¬†She told me back then, that you never define a word with the word or a form of it. That meant I couldn’t take the lazy way out.

Really it’s only logical. Consider this fictitious conversation:

Person A: Obfuscate?! What is that? What does that mean?

Person C: Obfuscate? You don’t know what that means? Man! It’s a verb–you know, to obfuscate…the act of obfuscating? Dang! Don’t you know anything?

Writing copy is an important endeavor. The smart writer knows this and knows enough not to underestimate their readers or disrespect their clients by trying this. It takes time to make your point and it makes all the difference to your clients and your reputation. And if you do a shabby job, be grateful if someone takes the time to let you know you suck!

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