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Résumé Writing: Get Excited to Sell Yourself Properly

By , September 29, 2010

Introducing: Me!

A résumé is your sales tool. The second part of your two part letter of introduction. Both your cover letter and résumé are important. But, what if they were separated: Could your résumé stand alone? It’s often the first thing a person will see. It’s your Representative. It is your opening bid to get the all-important initial interview.

Get Motivated about Writing Your Résumé

What do you wear to write a résumé that gets you in the door? Start with your best attitude. It’s a positive document crafted to show who you are. If writing résumés and job hunting is not a fun time (and rarely is exhilarating joy associated with job hunting, right), you may need to work at getting into the proper frame of mind to write.

Don’t wait for inspiration to come to you; go get it. Think about the things that get you motivated and let yourself get excited. Focus on your goal of putting your best foot forward to get that interview. Celebrate what you have to offer and what accomplishing this could bring you like:

  1. the chance to interview for the perfect job
  2. the new things you might learn about your community
  3. the chance to learn more about yourself and things you might do differently
  4. the opportunity to get the job you really want

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Make the Most of Your Résumé

By , February 28, 2010

It’s important to keep your resume up to date for several reasons beyond job hunting. It takes work to focus on the work you do, and then to sell it to others. It’s your most important sales letter and you need to be very familiar with it.

Connecting with Where You Are

When you review your resume, you have to closely consider what you do. Look at the work you choose to do. Note what you love about it. Those details will provide you the selling points you need to include in your sales document, your resume.

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