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Good Stuff during Slow Times?

By , February 22, 2010

I’ve been reviewing how I use my slow time, between assignments. It pleased me to notice that my routines are good—for the most part.

This review was sparked as I thought about friends and family who often tell me that I’m always doing something. Even when I’m not working, there’s something going on with me. When I get a call to chat, I have to stop doing something to spend time on the phone. Usually I’m writing, reading, or designing. And I may be doing nothing at all, too—which is something, when you’re otherwise always going.

So, I’ll share my findings, and maybe you can share your thoughts on the matter. I think the following activities are great for slow times if you want to maintain or improve your edge. Consider these activities as investments in your future. This short list has activities that are universal and adaptable to just about anyone. See if you recognize these in your free time routines.

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