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Mock Intimidation Ads

By , January 21, 2010

Recently, I got in the mail an ad tactic that really blows. It’s based on intimidation. And while it may get some clients who are fearful when you touch their pressure points. It’s definitely the low road. And one I would suggest you not take.

I got this flier in the mail. It looked like a letter. It was an URGENT NOTICE with a File Number and  RE: DELIQUENT AUTO LOAN. The opening for the letter read STATUS: DEFAULT. By the way, I didn’t spell delinquent wrong, it was wrong on the letter.

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Hiring the Right Employer

By , June 6, 2009
Yes. I did say it right. Employers play a crucial role in determining employment. Just because you’ve been offered a job, just because you meet the requirements, interview well and beat out the competition, does not mean that this is the position for you. There are several things to consider when deciding to accept a job. You’ve done your part by honestly meeting the requirements of the job for which you applied. The question now is whether or not the company meets your needs. You have to make this determination and there are several things you can do to aid your decision–making process. Read more »

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