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Take your Time, Make your Point

By , May 6, 2010

Remember Spelling tests when you had to know how to spell the word and what it meant? Way back when I was just learning to read and understand words, my mother would quiz me on my weekly list.¬†She told me back then, that you never define a word with the word or a form of it. That meant I couldn’t take the lazy way out.

Really it’s only logical. Consider this fictitious conversation:

Person A: Obfuscate?! What is that? What does that mean?

Person C: Obfuscate? You don’t know what that means? Man! It’s a verb–you know, to obfuscate…the act of obfuscating? Dang! Don’t you know anything?

Writing copy is an important endeavor. The smart writer knows this and knows enough not to underestimate their readers or disrespect their clients by trying this. It takes time to make your point and it makes all the difference to your clients and your reputation. And if you do a shabby job, be grateful if someone takes the time to let you know you suck!

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Efficient Writing is Quick Writing

By , May 5, 2010

Writing to people is a joy. But make no mistake, it’s a job too. It requires focused attention and the desire to learn and teach. And throughout your writing, for various types of clients and subjects, you can develop routines to improve your efficiency.

Particularly when you are writing about a new topic, you need to ask the questions to fill in the wholes in your knowledge base. It’s helpful to know the questions that are important to your subject matter. Being inquisitive is a big help when you need to find answers. Another thing that helps is knowing what points will resonate with your target audience. With these two traits present, you are well on your way to cranking out your assignments.

Once you write a few articles for your client, and read what good things they’re already using, you begin to get a feel for the writing that works for them. Your goal isn’t to ghostwrite unless that’s what you’ve discussed. You do, however, want to maintain the flow of the site by delivering a document that strikes a tone similar to the other good quality articles that are on the site. You can develop a writing routine to easily deliver documents that are in keeping with your client’s favored means of communication. And you can make them as uniformed or different as suits your need.

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This is How We Do It

By , June 22, 2009

What do Potential Clients Ask Me as their Copywriter?

  • Do you understand SEO
  • Is good SEO more important than good content
  • You get the by-line, but can you keep the company voice
  • What do you know about my company
  • How do you develop content for my site
  • Will you hear ideas from me
  • Will you get me original content
  • Can you get me noticed without black hat tricks
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Good Copywriters=Improved Sales

By , May 21, 2009
With the advent of each new means of communication, people are convinced that they are living in the age of information. And there’s always proof that can be issued up to show this. But we don’t stop. Once we got past ships and horses and the sole means of delivering news from far and wide, we came to trains, then telegraph and the telephone. Today, we can deliver most mail anywhere in the world in a day. And then there’s the internet. Read more »

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