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Making it Easy to get Paid

By , November 1, 2010

When I decided to freelance more regularly, I knew it was important to make it really easy to receive funds. A key to that is to have a process that’s as painless as possible for the payee. I know there are other more productive activities to invest my time. And the same is true for the people I work with.

Paypal was the obvious payment option to consider because I already had the account. I knew how easy it was to pay for my purchases online. When I looked at it as a tool to receive money, I learned that part is easy too. Since there’s minimal work involved in sending an invoice and taking the occasional fee, I decided to try it out. It’s a faster process to set up than navigating the red tape of using a bank.

I’ll tell you why I like Paypal.

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How do you Create a Strong Fan Base?

By , February 15, 2010

I really want to know because it’s what makes the difference for success. When I become a fan, I stick with the object of my affinity, be it a movie, actor, artist or whatever. Needless to say I’m pretty picky about what I give my affections to.

Before I continue, I have to say that I am not in any way claiming to be the ultimate judge of what is good taste. I am however quite knowledgeable on what moves me. For example, one of my all-time favorite movies is The Mirror has Two Faces, starring Barbara Streisand, (who also directed the movie), Lauren Becall, Jeff Bridges, Brenda Vaccaro, and many other greats.

I have the same sticky response to businesses and blogs I enjoy and find useful. Consider that your audience is picky and they picked you. Do business, run your blogs from that position, and many things will fall into place.

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Can I do That?

By , January 18, 2010

Six Figure Blogger Blueprint

by David Risley

Yesterday, I downloaded the PDF from pro blogger, David Risley. In his publication, he details how he got to being a six figure blogger. The premise is that others may benefit from his blueprint for success. That’s my hope.

What I Found So Far

Risley gives honest reactions to some of the crappy shortcuts people take. The fact that he calls out the bad practices is refreshing. That’s a big help for people who may get confused about which tactics are considered to be less than above board. The book is a detailed how-to. And just a quick perusal has shown why he’s getting such good reviews already. I see already that I’ll be printing it out to write my notes in the margins (a useful habit for historical review as well as learning and developing a plan).

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5 Great Ways to Capture Ideas

By , January 3, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010 is as good a year as any to put your ideas into play as you get them, right? Of course it is. However…

If you’re anything like me and my friends, you get a ton of ideas at once in a massive new year deluge. The time of year when you’re awash with inspiration, creativity, desire, hope. Really you want to go for everything, I know. And you can go for more than one, in fact as many as you’re physically and financially able to pursue. But, usually you can’t pursue all your ideas at once. Read more »

Q11: How do you pick the leads to pursue?

By , December 18, 2009

Answer to #11 of 12 Questions I think are important for commercial writers to know. I think these questions are especially important for people newly striking out on their own.

This is very hard for a new person on the grid, but it’s a great way to jump in, I think. I look for the leads that give information about the job and contact and tell you what they want concisely. I’d like to get more specific here but I think that would be best served in a full post on the subject. Right now, I’m still learning the things that appeal to me, and how my choices measure up in secured assignments.

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