It’s Been So Long: How I’m Getting Back into the Swing of Things

By , September 6, 2016

It’s been too long for comfort. But, I really had to come back here. Every time I try to return to myself, several actions pop up. The need to write, to do art, and to build something (LEGOs).

This has been a long, hard year, and a good year, and a scary year. With the passing of my mother in January, the stage was set for great unrest and discontent. My family and I have weathered things well, I think. I miss my mom. I love my life. And, I’m grateful for my toys.

Order Encourages Creativity

I’ve been working to get more time for myself, as I begin to settle into my new sense of balance. It has come cleat to me that what I need to get the best balance is order. That is what’s been hanging me up. These day’s it’s all I focus on.

There is no going back. I have been in the process of accepting that things must change as a result of my mom, my last parent’s death. Throughout the last years of her declining health, I began to be totally scattered at home and at work, never able to focus on any one area with enough juice to be effective in any of them.

It’s been so long since I considered writing here regularly. Sad but true.

It’s not that I’ve given up on writing. Surely not. In fact, I write everywhere and all the time.

  • Email correspondences
    • Non-fiction communication serving to give information, or make a request
  • Facebook posts
  • Descriptions with photos I post wherever I post them

Before I knew it, there was no time for the fun stuff of writing. Today I’m daring to consider getting back on the wagon with my blogging. Even this one.


The reason I am even able to entertain considering this is because I’m fully embracing being more organized. My areas are all jumbled among themselves and overlapping each other. I needed to untangle the knot. Enter Bullet Journaling.

Bullet Journaling

After watching the videos piecemeal over the years, it all FINALLY clicked into place. Part of my motivation to use this system, is because it finally dawned on me that this could save me time from having to search for parts, with  all the different things I can get into. And for work, with so many moving parts there, it’s been a real blessing…and that’s without me having fully learned all I want to know about what I want/need to see.

Good times!!

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