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By , May 20, 2010

Writing SEO posts is an easy task, that is enhanced when you have tools that serve to optimize the process. Last post, I mentioned some tools that help with SEO writing. There is a comparable analytics plugin for WordPress, called Keyword Statistics. Keyword Statistics is a plugin that analyzes your post text and gives you data in real time.

Benefits of using Keywords Statistics Plugin

  • Real time keyword data, and keyword density received while you’re writing.
  • No need for visiting another site to check your work.
  • Since it’s built into WordPress, it operates on whatever browser you use.
  • Since reports all data, you can see what words you’ve overused, as well as what’s not used enough.

5 Steps: Get the Most from Keyword Statistics Plugin

  1. Begin writing your post draft using your researched keywords.
  2. When you return to your draft to revise and edit, review keyword density before you begin.
  3. Make adjustments to your content to get the optimization that you want.
  4. Edit your post to make certain that you’re not stuffing keywords. Your optimization should not drown out your message.
  5. Consider manually filling in your keywords and description fields, instead of relying on automatically generated meta data.

A Warning, a Resource, and a Reminder

Automatically generated data is not always the best. Generally, I choose not to use automatically generated anything until I’m very well versed in how the plugin functions. So, even though the keywords are generated, I don’t fully rely on what’s automatically generated. What I’ve been doing is populating the keywords field manually, with both my researched keywords and some of the plugin’s generated keywords.

Try to always have good resources. For detailed SEO training, you may find it helpful to get a resource that you can turn to regularly to address your SEO needs. For me, one such consistently high ranking site is SEOBOOK a site that offers free and paid training.

Remember to search for training for the new tools you want to implement. If the plugin site doesn’t give enough of how-to details, and the plugin is rated, then it’s likely that there’s more information online. And consider using Twitter searches to see you might be discussing what you’re looking for.


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