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By , May 5, 2010

Writing to people is a joy. But make no mistake, it’s a job too. It requires focused attention and the desire to learn and teach. And throughout your writing, for various types of clients and subjects, you can develop routines to improve your efficiency.

Particularly when you are writing about a new topic, you need to ask the questions to fill in the wholes in your knowledge base. It’s helpful to know the questions that are important to your subject matter. Being inquisitive is a big help when you need to find answers. Another thing that helps is knowing what points will resonate with your target audience. With these two traits present, you are well on your way to cranking out your assignments.

Once you write a few articles for your client, and read what good things they’re already using, you begin to get a feel for the writing that works for them. Your goal isn’t to ghostwrite unless that’s what you’ve discussed. You do, however, want to maintain the flow of the site by delivering a document that strikes a tone similar to the other good quality articles that are on the site. You can develop a writing routine to easily deliver documents that are in keeping with your client’s favored means of communication. And you can make them as uniformed or different as suits your need.

Build your Skeleton

  • Match the Tone: You just need to match the tone in the client’s other documents, or has directed by your client.
  • Match the Tempo: This is accomplished by using sentence and paragraph lengths similar to what is present in related documents.
  • Tie in with other Documents: You can refer to other documents in the website by linking to the related content.
  • Create your Outline: It can be really helpful to write within an outline when you’re cranking out articles in a short period of time. Some clients may even give you a template to write to.

Be sure, when you review the other documents, that you review like genres. Your posts should align with the client’s posts, and web content with like content, and so on.

Finally, there is often overlap in writing to different formats and genres. If there is any question about which are the appropriate documents for you to emulate, be sure to have it clarified by your client.

You see how this is quick, right?

If you think that’s really structured, you’re right. But there is art in organization, as well as in the freedom that organization allows. Developing a routine for laying the ground work makes things go smoothly and that means you reach the  halfway mark fairly quickly. New topics and longer documents will affect the time each phase takes.

Conduct your research or interviews as you need, and begin to shape your document. Start by filling in the areas of your outline with all the information you know or unearth. Then just flesh it out so that your sections flow smoothly. It really is quicker to build the body of your article, post, letter, ad, press release, and more when you have a solid clear skeleton.

Remember to always note any reference materials you use. If you’re responsible for the article image, make sure you have the proper permissions to use it.

Do you take advantage of the benefits of writing routines? What writing routines make your work flow smoothly?

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