The Forward Motion Formula

By , January 22, 2010

There is a special blend of powerful ingredients that, when mixed, can make big things happen in your life. I’d almost forgotten about it until recently. I’m using it now. And even before I have new concrete results to post, I want to share the recipe with you.

Three Ingredients

Choose: It doesn’t work with indecision, hedging your bets or any form of hesitation. You have to commit. A friend told me once that he read or heard that when you make one step, the universe makes three, or something to that effect.

Faith: One way to shore up your commitment to the choices you make is to have faith. Trust that you made a the best choice.

Gratitude: In all things be grateful, is what I was taught as a child. It’s a powerful salve and reinforcement. Gratitude has an interesting way of soothing your bumps and bruises along the way, shortening your time in sorrows. Gratitude can help you see the lessons learned even if you don’t get all that you want.

These are the three ingredients that are at the heart of what I use to work through my plans. Obviously, you can use an one without the others. However, if you want the full benefit, do all three. Try them out and see how they work for you. Let me know what happens for you. I’ll share my experience in an upcoming post.

What do you do to keep moving forward? Have you found what works for you to keep working on your goals?

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