Can I do That?

By , January 18, 2010

Six Figure Blogger Blueprint

by David Risley

Yesterday, I downloaded the PDF from pro blogger, David Risley. In his publication, he details how he got to being a six figure blogger. The premise is that others may benefit from his blueprint for success. That’s my hope.

What I Found So Far

Risley gives honest reactions to some of the crappy shortcuts people take. The fact that he calls out the bad practices is refreshing. That’s a big help for people who may get confused about which tactics are considered to be less than above board. The book is a detailed how-to. And just a quick perusal has shown why he’s getting such good reviews already. I see already that I’ll be printing it out to write my notes in the margins (a useful habit for historical review as well as learning and developing a plan).

I haven’t read the whole book yet. But I read through enough so that it sparked a sense of urgency and possibility. And, I didn’t want to wait to do a full review before I passed on this big news. You know, beating on the iron while it’s hot and all. This is a good process to look into any time, but this early in the year is great. You can still work it into the plans you’re already making. That’s what I’ll be doing.

If you’re working on a way to tie parts of your business together with your blog, or missing some steps, this may be the plan of action that helps you bring it all together and maybe get to six figures as a result. And so I’m wondering, can I do that? Maybe not, but it won’t be for lack of doing.

So, how do you pull together the parts of your ideas? Do you already have a detailed blueprint for growing your business blog?

2 Responses to “Can I do That?”

  1. David Risley says:
    Glad you liked the report, Shari, and I appreciate you spreading the word. Best of luck to you. 🙂
  2. David, I look forward to working from the blueprint you've put together. And thanks for stopping by.

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