Q8: What do you like about the work you do?

By , December 9, 2009

Answer to #8 of 12 Questions I think are important for commercial writers to know. I think these questions are especially important for people newly striking out on their own.

I think it’s really important to know what motivates you about what you do. Often you can get caught up in a person or a project or a company, veer off track and end up very far from what you started doing. It’s also possible that the same circumstances can have the effect of causing you great distress, negative stress, and you wonder why you continue.

That’s when it’s really important to have your personal motivations in place. They may be the only incentives you have to draw on as impetus to continue. My suggestion is that you keep it simple and keep it meaningful to you.

How I know My Answer

For this post I listed the work I do and the tasks involved in each. There are surely things that I’ve forgotten, since I work from home and am focused on making things happen. So I may skip the phone call or email to get a question answered. I may skip the image cropping and optimization at 2 sized for pages. But this time, I listed enough to see the common thread that I knew was there.

I really like puzzles. I have all my life. My jobs are simple but they require fitting things together to make something useful, something cohesive. Writing, web design, blog setup, all require making things work together.

Where I take My Joy

I never wanted to be a secretary, which I was for many years. It’s a facilitator position that I did very well at–most days.

But I wanted more autonomy in creating. Today I get to do that and it keeps me contentedly occupied, even the hard parts. Designing websites puts me in touch with new things all the time. I have much to learn because I’m so new at it but I enjoy it a lot. I set up this blog, so that it’s very closely coordinated with the site I built for work, The Word ‘Mage.

Writing will always be a pleasure. Site content is generally a compilation of research notes I’ve gathered or been given. Making sense of new information and translating it to comprehensible, cohesive facts, with opinions of the client is truly an art form that I appreciate. It’s hard work and it’s fast work. And when it comes out right I’m thrilled.

I take my joy in the processes of writing, designing, and setting up things that people can use. With each area, there is the pleasure of learning new skills to enhance my productivity.

All of them could be done just for me. I actually have several blogs set up that I write at. I enjoy the work I do and the tasks related to accomplishing them. But that’s only part of the experience. The rest of the story: I take joy in producing something that my client finds useful.

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