Q12: BONUS: How many leads do you pursue at one time?

By , December 28, 2009

Answer to #12 of 12 Questions I think are important for commercial writers to know. I think these questions are especially important for people newly striking out on their own.

I don’t have a set number yet. The reason this question is a bonus is because I’m forcing myself to do this hard part. I wanted to say that I don’t pursue leads at all. I can’t say it because it’s too early in my freelance career. And, it’s too early because I think it will always be something I’m open to in case I come across a job I really want.

I really just do it according to my workload. If I have time to follow up on leads then I will do as many as five in a day. As long as I can effectively write my letters. And I watch for deadline conflicts to avoid any possible problems.

As soon as I saw the query free information from Jennifer Mattern, I started reading it, because I like the idea of not querying. Then some jobs came in that took all my working time and that was more incentive to put off querying.

As of 2010, I will be pursuing query free work more aggressively. But that doesn’t mean that I will completely dismiss the pursuit of leads. When I have a formula I will post it and update this question with new developments.

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