Q10: How do you pick the sites you trust for leads?

By , December 17, 2009

Answer to #10 of 12 Questions I think are important for commercial writers to know. I think these questions are especially important for people newly striking out on their own.

I use sites that are run by people I read regularly. Often, I follow them on Twitter and read and maybe comment on their blogs. They write on the subject of writing. They are sites that regularly list jobs leads along with offering a wealth of information. Theirs are sites that have become writer resource sites.

When writers are obscure, when their focus is difficult to determine, I tend to be leery of leads they post. I may be wrong for that but it’s my gut reaction. And really I have no need right now to re-think that way of reviewing leads sites.

Do you pursue leads to get assignments? How do you determine the sites you trust for their job leads?

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