Q5: Who are your human resources?

By , November 14, 2009

Answer to #5 of 12 Questions I think are important for commercial writers to know. I think these questions are especially important for people newly striking out on their own.

When you think about human resources, you generally think Human Resources, or HR, right? That’s the department you go to when you have questions about your benefits, wages, work problems, or to seek another position.


Similar situations occur when you work for yourself. Whether you’re in an office or a room at your home, situations arise when you need others. Either you need them for yourself or for a client. Knowing who your resources are saves a lot of time, especially when you’re in the middle of an important project. No point wasting time if you can help it.

On our own as freelancers, we refer to these individuals or groups as people in our network.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn can all play important rolls in getting connected with resources. I find Twitter most useful for finding people I need to connect with. With Twitter, you can do searches for what you need and connect with people behind the services. It’s much easier than having to scour major websites for direct connections.

On Twitter, I have met several people who are excellent resources. From my office work experience, I have great connections that I maintain. If someone needs technical assistance, I can refer them to Adria Richards. And I know that if someone needs a website, I can confidently refer them to JB Webdev. I know an amazing graphic artist that I can connect them with. When I have questions, I have people that I can turn to for answers, support and services outside my skill set.

Family and Friends

Don’t forget your family and friends. My family has skilled workers in it. I have IT and legal resources in my family. And, in return, I share my skills with them. Like the blog I set up for my brother, and other advice and information that I could share from my writing, blogging and social media experiences.

I have many more human resources in my cellphone, email, social media connections, blog rolls. Do you know who you can turn to when you need something.?

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