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By , July 11, 2009
Have you ever had a day that makes you wonder why you do the work you do? People hire you to work for them. They give you assignments which you complete effectively. They receive it with no fanfare, only thanks. I work well alone, with no fanfare is nice. I just want to do the work to the best of my ability. When my work is accepted and goes live or into circulation, that is reward enough. And of course being paid well is definitely fulfilling. With that, I’m ready for the next thing. What more do you need, right?

You don’t Need Kudos—Do You?

Yes, you do, but the useful kind. Sometimes you have to ask for what you need. You’re in business to earn money, and one of the best ways to make money is to take advantage of word of mouth. It can get you more clients when people are willing to share their satisfaction. Ask for a statement and permission to use it on your testimonial page. You can accept job leads from satisfied customers. You can accept it when your employers let you know that they forwarded your contact information to a potential customer. But testimonials are something that you can put up on your sites to more visitors know. It’s not fanfare or a pep rally. It’s useful capitalization on something that good work fosters. Often people in business will tell you they appreciate your work. They may send you an email that says it in a short blurb. Ask them if you can use it. If they don’t, invite them to participate by dropping you a note.

Placing your Request for Testimonials

There are many ways that you can get testimonials these days, thanks to the World Wide Web.
  • Emailing clients is how much business is conducted. When you send your work in, invite your clients to send testimonials regarding their satisfaction. If you feel your clients are amenable, and your business is conducted over the phone mostly, you can still invite them to email you a testimonial.
  • Your website offers the perfect place to request testimonials. But don’t fade to dark the minute someone lands on your page. You ever visit sites and before you can look around, it goes dark and a box appears for you to sign up for their newsletter? I don’t like them because they don’t give you a chance to look around. You don’t have to be so bullying. Just place the offer prominently in your sidebar. Or, put it on your contact page, or on your services page. Offer it more than one place but not all over the place.
  • Your blog is optimized for 2-way communication. Take advantage of that. When you receive a useful comment, ask for use as a testimonial.
  • Twitter is a great place to get short text that gets right to the point. When you invite people to give you testimonials, be sure to let them know they’re welcome to send it to you via Twitter. Even if you don’t follow each other, you can receive direct @messages.
If you’re new to your business, like me, you don’t want to overpower people with pleas for this important aid. Over time and with good work, your clients will add to your testimonial list. Don’t rush it. Do make it a part of your routine to ask.

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