Time Waits for No One

By , June 9, 2009
It’s not always easy to get what you want. You spend a lot of time wishing, wanting and waiting. “I’ll do it as soon as…” It’s a familiar opener if you spend your time putting off your dreams for practical reasons. The dream job you know you can do, that you’ve already done, has to wait because you haven’t the time or the money to get the training. Really, though, is it practical to leave your dreams to fade out, collecting dust in the recesses of your memory? Is it a good plan to wait without deadline, end date, target date, with no action toward getting what you want? I don’t think so.

The Job isn’t Coming

It’s not coming. The longer you wait, the longer you put off working toward your goals, the further away they will get. Suddenly, you will look up and you will no longer have the strength to do the extra things you would need to do to make things the way you want. There may come a day when the offers and opportunities you let get away from you, are no longer on the table. Sometimes, it may well be that the opportunity that was once laid out for you is now saved for the young person, like you once were.

Have a Sense of Urgency

If you want it, get up and get it! Get the training you need to make your own opportunities. Sell your skills and insights and make things happen for you. When you don’t get what you want, it should never be because you didn’t try. The difference between you and anyone who’s made it, is not innate. They made the effort, did the work and got what they wanted—or, what you wanted. Which means, you can have it too. I have to say it: I’m not talking about getting the Nobel Peace Prize for rocket science. I’m talking about getting the training, certifications, opportunities, to complement your work. You’ve done it for years, in an ancillary setup. Now, bring it to the forefront. Get paid to focus on and do the work you love. Make the effort and let nothing more stand in your way, not even you. I promise you’ll be really glad you did.

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