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By , May 21, 2009
With the advent of each new means of communication, people are convinced that they are living in the age of information. And there’s always proof that can be issued up to show this. But we don’t stop. Once we got past ships and horses and the sole means of delivering news from far and wide, we came to trains, then telegraph and the telephone. Today, we can deliver most mail anywhere in the world in a day. And then there’s the internet.

Social Media is Where it’s At

Email, instant messaging, Twitter and Skype are incredibly fast, almost immediate means of communication. But what do you say that fast? Lots. Too much, in some cases. Let’s take a closer look. Skype can be put in a category with the cell phone. It’s mobile, video communication. When you get connected, you can have conversations with people connected anywhere in the world. Oprah has a field day with Skype. It brings tele-conferencing to a whole new realm. Bringing back the facial expression to conversations is a great piece. Email is letter writing and the speed of—well, your ISP connection. You write as briefly or extensively as you choose. You can take the time to say what you need to say and be clear. If you say it, try to mean it. I’ve never seen an application that could really take back the email once you click send.

Your Content Really Matters

Twitter is considered by many, to be micro-blogging. And it deserves a measure of respect. Even though it started out as fun, businesses have usurped the power for marketing. Still with a sociable twist, businesses are stepping in with both feet, so to speak, to make friends with their potential customers. Same with blogging which is made up of the longer messages that companies put out for their customers. Unlike standard informational articles, blogs offer an opportunity for customers to connect with the company they give their money to. And people are responding. And while it is true that blog posts are less formal than traditional writing, some of the same writing rules apply. Grammar, format, content focused on marketing. A company’s designer may not be so versatile as to pull this job together. The accountant and secretaries may or may not either. And really, don’t they need to be doing their respective jobs? Yes, they do. This is where the copywriter comes in. For focused writing to get your company’s message out, said in the proper voice. The key is to get one or a few copywriters who will give you the results you need. Get writers who are capable of putting your information out and keep them. If you don’t have enough work to hire someone full time, freelance writers abound. Believe me, your message is important enough to make the investment.

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